CompatibleOne the first real Open Cloud Broker

CompatibleOne: the first real Open Cloud Broker

Breaking News The Open Source project CompatibleOne specialising in Cloud Services Brokerage now unveils CompatibleOne SAS, the company

CompatibleOne offers a simple and unique interface allowing for the description of user cloud computing needs, in terms of resources, and their subsequent provisioning on the most appropriate cloud provider.

Resource descriptions may cover the complete cloud computing paradigm ranging from complete applications (SaaS), through development platforms (PaaS) down to low level compute and storage defined infrastructure (IaaS).

CompatibleOne provides a unique language for the description and management of an unlimited number of cloud service providers.

CompatibleOne is interoperable with:
Cloud Management Platform OpenNebula, OpenStack, VMware vCloud
Cloud Service Providers Amazon, Azure, CloudSigma, Dimension Data, Go Grid, HPCloud, Joyent, OnApp, RackSpace, Softlayer
PaaS CloudFoundry, OpenShift
The immediate benefits are:
  • Centralized description of all your cloud computing needs in terms of resources
  • Rapid selection of the most appropriate provider
  • Full automation of the provisioning and the migration process of your resources
  • Elimination of any form of vendor lock-in and permit full interoperability
  • Monitor and control the service delivery quality of your cloud providers
The CompatibleOne ecosystem is composed of:
ActiveEon / Bull / CityPassenger / ComputeNext / EasiClouds / eNovance / ENSI / ETRI / ETSI / Eureva / Inria / Intel / IMT / La Poste / Mandriva / Medusa / Nuage / Nuxeo / OGF / OnApp / OW2 / Prologue / R2AD / Slikan / Thales / Xwiki
"Since the IT industry is rapidly adopting service based business models, there is a substantial and growing need for solutions that can reduce the complexity involved in delivering federated business services and can handle the challenges of managing a distributed infrastructure. This is where I believe CompatibleOne cloud service broker provides a unique value – their solutions’ ability to address both needs paves the way for building a new generation of IT Infrastructure." Parviz Peiravi, Principal Architect - Intel Corporation. More

How CompatibleOne and Intel are making the cloud more transparent

CompatibleOne at EGI / Cloud Interoperability Week / CloudPlugfest,Madrid, 18 September, 2013.

Cloud and Standards:
What's the point?
In this presentation Jean-Pierre LAISNE describes his journey to the cloud.
It covers open standards, open source and how they relate to open cloud in general
and CompatibleOne in particular.

For more details,
read the paper which illustrates this presentation

CompatibleOne on Solutions Linux 2013,Paris, 28 May, 2013.

From Hybrid Cloud to Federation:
An overview of the project for 2013 & Beyond
introducing the vision driving the efforts
and the industrialisation of the ACCORDS platform

Jean-Pierre LAISNE and Jamie MARSHALL interviewed (in French) by Philippe Scoffoni about the evolution of the cloud market.

CompatibleOne Live Demo at OW2con'12, November 28 2012

Jamie Marshall shows how to manage
a federation of heterogenous cloud service providers
including OpenStack and Azure,
with ACCORDS Platform.

CompatibleOne on Cloud Expo West, Santa Clara, Nov 5-8, 2012.

What is CompatibleOne and how does it work:
An overview of the architecture that allows for the
description, provision, deployment and management
of any type or configuration of cloud services delivered
by heterogeneous cloud service providers in accordance
with a consumer's SLA.

Interview of Jean-Pierre LAISNE, coordinator of CompatibleOne, by Cloud Expo Conference Chair, Jeremy Geelan

Interview of Jamie Marshal, chief architect of CompatibleOne, by Cloud Expo Conference Chair, Jeremy Geelan

Read Billy Cox's blog about CompatibleOne and Hybrid Clouds

Are you looking for Cloud Management software, Cloud Service Broker, Hybrid Cloud, Multi-Cloud, Cloud Federation, Intercloud?

CompatibleOne develops the first industry-grade open source cloud services broker and aims at providing maximum freedom of choice to consumers and developers. CompatibleOne provides a model, CORDS, and a platform, ACCORDS, for the description, integration and aggregation of different distributed resources provisioned by heterogeneous Cloud Service Providers. The CompatibleOne platform fully leverages the Open Cloud Computing Interface (OCCI), it is aligned with the Cloud Computing Reference Architecture 2 of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and is part of the OW2 Open Source Cloudware initiative (OSCi).

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