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Oct 26 2012

ActiveEon, Denis Caromel, CEO,
"The CompatibleOne Cloud Brokering was the missing link of modern clouds. ActiveEon and INRIA are proud filling that gap with OCCI implementation and OW2 ProActive"

Bull,  Bruno Pinna, Director of Cloud Computing
"The CompatibleOne cloud service broker marks the beginning of a new era in cloud computing. It's more than just great technology, it makes possible the emergence of sophisticated ecosystems and new business models for the benefit of suppliers and users alike."

Cedexis, Julien Coulon, co-founder and General Manager

“ Thanks to the load-balancing capacities provided by the mix of the CompatibleOne platform and Cedexis Radar and OpenMix, customers' workloads will benefit from the best available cloud services in terms of real time end-user performance, availability, security and control.”

ComputeNext, Sundar Kannan, founder and CEO

“ CompatibleOne will help us take our Federated Cloud Marketplace to the next level and offer our customers unlimited options to match their workload requirements including
latency, location, and SLA, at best possible prices across multiple platforms. CompatibleOne will help position ComputeNext at the center of a true cloud ecosystem.”

CityPassenger, Bruno Duval, CEO

“ With CompatibleOne, CityPassenger will empower its line of network solutions especially for international deployments. This Cloud Brokering Technology is a great opportunity to answer the increasing new market of adaptative network needs.”

eNovance, Raphaël Ferreira, CEO

"The CompatibleOne Cloud Services Broker is a strategic technology for eNovance. Our job is to optimize the deployment of resources depending on customers constraints and SLA requirements in a context of distributed cloud infrastructures. CompatibleOne allows us to automate this process and we are expecting a huge boost in productivity and customer satisfaction."

Eureva, Philippe Martineau, CEO

"We are confident CompatibleOne is providing the right approach to an efficient geolocalisation of application placement, a facility that will greatly improve user experience in various cloud computing visualization scenarios, such as gaming."

Intel Corporation, Parviz Peiravi, Principal Architect

" Since the IT industry is rapidly adopting service based business models, there is a substantial and growing need for solutions that can reduce the complexity involved in delivering federated business services and can handle the challenges of managing a distributed infrastructure. This is where I believe CompatibleOne cloud service broker provides a unique value – their solutions’ ability to address both needs paves the way for building a new generation of IT Infrastructure."

Inria RESO, Laurent Lefevre, Inria Researcher

"The management of energy consumption in virtualized IT architectures is a largely untapped R&D field. As a leading research institute, Inria is proud to be contributing in CompatibleOne the first implementation of such a breakthrough capability."

Institut TELECOM, Samir Tata, Professor:

"CompatibleOne was a very good opportunity for us to experiment our new and innovative models for the description, deployment and management of  applications and PaaS resources in Cloud environments. CompatibleOne will allow us to go further in exploring new approaches and techniques for the management of applications and platforms in the Cloud."

Mandriva, Jean-Manuel Croset, CEO

"We're proud to be part of CompatibleOne as the primary Linux platform of tests and advanced development. CompatibleOne will help us to provide advanced services in the cloud to our customers and let them reclaim their digital independence "

Nuxeo, Eric Barroca, CEO

"CompatibleOne will help Nuxeo enhance its cloud computing-oriented offering. We will leverage CompatibleOne to make the deployment of our leading Enterprise Content Management platform over the cloud much more flexible and pervasive."  

Prologue, George Seban, CEO

"The launch of CompatibleOne is an exciting milestone for Prologue. We are fully committed to supporting this breakthrough technology. We are already integrating it as the de facto brokering engine in CloudPort, our legacy-to-cloud application migration environment"

UshareSoft, Alban Richard, CEO

"The CompatibleOne Broker combined with UShareSoft's UForge Image Template Management and App Store platform enables end-to end build on any hypervisor and provisioning on any IaaS cloud platform, this is a real breakthrough for building out-of-the-box hybrid enterprise cloud solutions."

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