CompatibleOne & TXT: Making the cloud more transparent

May 13 2013


CompatibleOne collaborates with Intel to develop automated cloud brokerage service,
using Intel Trusted Execution Technology to boost confidence in the security of cloud services.

“The aim of CompatibleOne is to foster a more open, transparent approach to cloud computing.
Incorporating the security capabilities of Intel Trusted Execution Technology into our platform
supports this objective by providing customers with additional reassurance about the integrity
and security of the compute pools used to handle their data.”

Jean-Pierre Laisne, Project Lead, CompatibleOne

Lessons Learned
CompatibleOne’s work with Intel has highlighted the potential for advanced server technologies such as Intel TXT
to provide more choice and greater security for end users of cloud services. By collaborating with Intel and
cloud service providers, it is harnessing the potential of Intel TXT to increase users’ trust in the security and
dependability of both its own automated brokerage platform and the compatible services it provides access to.

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