CompatibleOne Public Launch, Cloud Expo West, Nov 2012

Nov 05 2012


November 2012: CompatibleOne has announced its public launch at Cloud Expo West, Santa Clara

The project has been presented both on the OW2 booth and during the conference sessions. 

Cloud Expo USA conferences are recognized today as the best worldwide cloud events showcasing the largest collection of cloud players from every layer of the cloud ecosystem. The Santa Clara Convention was no exception and gathered more than 7000 attendees.

After two years of hands-on workshops and innovation, the CompatibleOne technology is now fully mature and its proven results have received anastounding feedback from cloud professionals at the Santa Clara Convention Center. The CompatibleOne team has demonstrated at Cloud Expo how a federation of multiple OpenStack providers can be managed by CompatibleOne open source cloud broker in a multi-cloud environment. 

Learn more about CompatibleOne Open Source Cloud Broker

- Download the document "CompatibleOne in 10 points"

- Download the CompatibleOne brochure 

What do they say about CompatibleOne?

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CompatibleOne at Cloud Expo West: 

  • The CompatibleOne presentation: "Next Generation Cloud Management: The Open Source Cloud Broker" - See more
  • Follow us on twitter: @compatibleone @ow2

Read the CompatibleOne Launch Material:

* Download CompatibleOne Launch Main Press Release 

* Learn more about how partners are cooperating with CompatibleOne:  Cedexis - ComputeNext -  Intel -  Prologue - UShareSoft

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