CompatibleOne 2013 & Beyond Workshop, May 16, Paris

Apr 26 2013

The 3rd CompatibleOne 2013 & Beyond Workshop has been held on Thursday May 16, from 9:00AM til 5:30PM at Institut Telecom, 46, rue Barrault - 75013 Paris (Room F900). Here is the report of this workshop.

Since February 2013, CompatibleOne is operating its transformation by executing the CompatibleOne Community Plan. After less than two years of intense development, CompatibleOne has developed a breakthrough technology and attracted interest and support from across the cloud computing industry, all over the world. It is time now to leverage these results. Now the goal of this new milestone "2013 & Beyond"  is to lay the foundations for the future development and industrialisation of the technology by a self-sustained community.

For this 3rd workshop, the following organisations and contributors were present

  • Bull : Jean-Michel, Claudine, Jean-Pierre 
  • City Passenger : Yann 
  • CNAM : Tatiana 
  • Non Stop Systems : Marc
  • OnApp: Stuart, Jonathan,  James, John 
  • Prologue: Ela, Laurence, Khider, Mohamed, Hamid, Jamie, Abdelslam
  • Silkan:  Jean
  • Thales: Florian , Mario,  Geoffroy 
  • TSP: Mohamed , Sami, Mohamed, Jung, Samir
  • Université de Bourges University: Patrice, Asma 
  • Université de Savoie :Patrice

3 other projects were represented: EasiClouds, OpenCloudware, Nu@ge


  • 1) Welcome & Last News, Jean-Pierre Laisné
  • 2) Contributing to CompatibleOne
    • a) STRUKT, Build Changes and Back End Support: Jonathan Custance & James Green
    • b) How to Extend OCCI: Jean Parpaillon
    • c) How to move CompatibleOne to the next stage: Jean-Pierre Laisné & John Thomson
    • d) What are the Next Steps: Open Discussion
  • 3) SLA: CompatibleOne, EasiClouds and OpenCloudware 
  • 4) CompatibleOne PaaS: Status of the Work in progress
  • 5) Next Steps & Wrap Up

You will find the slides used during this workshop here.


1) Welcome & Last News
Jean-Pierre reported most recent news and next events. He shared some new slides explaining the CO vision. 

Action: For CompatibleOne Day @ La Poste, a screen cast will be recorded to replace demo.
Owners: Jean-Pierre (lead) & Jamie 

2) Contributing to CompatibleOne
The next session was fully dedicated to the industrialisation of CO 

a) James & Jonathan presented the work in progress: “STRUKT, Build Changes and Back End Support”. This presentation  can be found here.
This work enables to have a factory to build the CO platform in an efficient, industrialised fashion. Plus this approach allows each organisation to build the platform required for their business needs in a complete independent way. All participants agreed on the relevance of this work.

b) Then Jean presented his vision about how CO could extend OCCI. This presentation is available here. This presentation was in sync with the previous one.

Action: Formalise a schema to be presented to OCCI Working Group and OGF
Owner: Jean (lead), Jonathan, James, Jamie, Jean-Pierre

c) Jean-Pierre and John presented “How to contribute to CompatibleOne” in terms of process and tools. A first draft is available for comments here. This document is open to comments for enhancement, the list of tools is open to suggestions.

Action: Review of this document by all contributors for comments
Owner: Jean-Pierre & John

d) During an open discussion, the next steps were discussed by all participants. The following set of actions has been established in order for this proposal to be put into practice asap. 

Action: A project manager has to be nominated
Owner: Stuart

Action: Publication of the CompatibleOne Flight Plan for review and comments
Owner: Jean-Pierre (in replacement of a nominated project manager)

Action: Collect comments, modifications etc. during the next weekly meeting (30 May)
Owner: Jean-Pierre (in replacement of a nominated project manager)

  • Contributors are invited to provide their comments and modifications during CompatibleOne Core Team Weekly Conference Call:
    • Thursday 30 May at 4:00PM CEST
    • To dial in: +33 172 807 597 (no code)

Action: Select the major points of the Flight Plan during the following weekly meeting (6 June)
Owner: Jean-Pierre (in replacement of a nominated project manager)

Action: Core Team to detail into tasks and prioritise them for the next release (cf. “How to contribute” process). This proposal will be presented for approval to contributors during the next plenary meeting (13 June)
Owner:   (in replacement of a nominated project manager)

Discussions may also occur on Skype, IRC etc.

3) SLA
This session about SLA Management gathered around CO 3 other projects with different objectives: OpenCloudware, EasiClouds and Nuage.

Action : Organise a full day workshop dedicated to SLA with CompatibleOne, Easi-Clouds,  OpenCloudWare, Nuage
Owner: Patrice and Tatiana

4) CompatibleOne PaaS
Sami, Mohamed and Mohamed demoed and presented the work in progress concerning the CompatibleOne Application and Platform Service (COAPS). They evoked the possibility to extend it to SaaS.

Action: Organize a discussion about SaaS during next plenary meeting in order to understand what SaaS means from a CO perspective (integration, aggregation, customisation), with some use cases (e.g. FreeSurfer)
Owner: Sami & Jean-Pierre

5) Next steps
After reviewing the previous action items, Jean-Pierre reported the discussions with Stuart and Marc about the ecosystem development.

Action: CO Ecosystem Development Working Group to be set up with the objective to grow significantly the business ecosystem
Owner: Stuart, Jean-Pierre, Marc, Najah

Finally 2 other topics have been discussed: Security and object storage. All participants agreed on their importance.

Action: CO & Security: what's next, which use case?
Owner: Patrice & Asma

Action: Object Storage (HDFS, CDMI, etc.)
Owner: Samir

Next plenary meeting: 13 June 2013 

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