Hands On material June 13-14 2012 session

Objectives :

Dive into CompatibleOne model CORDS (CompatibleOne Resource Description Schema) and its provisioning and brokering system ACCORDS (Advanced Capabilities for CompatibleOne Resource Distribution Services)

Useful documents :

Hands On material January 30-31 2012 session

Useful documents :

Introduction by Jean-Pierre Laisné - Bull : CompatibleOne Hands On Intro 01302012.pdf

Hands On guide by Iain Jamie Marshall - Prologue : CompatibleOneHandsOnGuideVersion1.01.pdf

Cords Reference Manual v 2.03 by Iain James Marshall  / Jean-Pierre Laisné : CordsReferenceManualV2.03.pdf

and more . . .

How to install CompatibleOne Accords (thanks to Thales EASIClouds) : CompatibleOne-ACCORDS-PLATFORM-INSTALL-v1.0.pdf

How to add an Accords python component (thanks to Prologue) : Add_accords_python_component.pdf

How to install and set up Openstack on Debian (thanks to eNovance) :

Pourquoi le cloud doit-il être ouvert ?

Article Title: "Pourquoi le cloud doit-il être ouvert ?", by Jean-Pierre Laisné.
(Telecom - Revue de l'association telecom paristech alumni)
Date: Jan, 2012.
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