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Cloud services delivery

The CORDS Broker (see CompatibleOne Broker) coordinates the activity of the CORDS Procci for the selection of the specific cloud providers for the delivery of the provisioning services required by the consumer. A particular provider's ability to deliver resources is guaranteed by their declaration of presence, and their consequently available resources, to the CORDS Publisher. Providers are selected by the CORDS Procci as directed either by the constraints described in the provisioning plan or specified in the global configuration of an operational instance of the ACCORDS platform. ACCORDS (Advanced Capabilities for CompatibleOne Resources Distribution Services) is actually the Provisioning System for CompatibleOne 

Communication with the Provider is performed through standard CORDS OCCI client/server interfaces between the CORDS Procci, on the CompatibleOne side, and the Provider Procci, on the Provider side. In this way a individual and specific Procci service provider is responsible for interfacing with a particular Cloud Provider, e.g. an OpenNebula Procci, an OpenStack Procci, an Amazon Procci or an Azure Procci.

Consequently, in order to be made available for operation and use within ACCORDS, a resource needs only to implement an OCCI client/server Procci interface.

The example of OpenStack Nova Operation


This section will be completed shortly with additional description schemas based on OpenNebula, Amazon, Azure, ProActive and SLAP. 

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