CompatibleOne & Prologue

CompatibleOne and Prologue unveil strategic cooperation.


Prologue SA will leverage the CompatibleOne open source cloud broker to develop its cloud service marketplace.

From the R&D perspective, Prologue is looking to continue to support CompatibleOne development in its aggressive plan for 2013 and beyond focusing on critical areas such as: SLA, Security, Trustworthiness, Usability and Cloud Programming Language, by assigning its top experts to these critical tasks.

From the commercial perspective, as of the first quarter of 2013, Prologue will package basic modules of the CompatibleOne platform and market them either as-a-Service mode or through partners such as ISVs, Service Providers and System Integrators. 

Concerning applications, Prologue is working on a Marketplace that will take full advantage of the CompatibleOne platform. To be launched mid-2013, the new marketplace will enable the mainstream use of vertical and horizontal cloud applications for small and large businesses and public administrations. It will be particularly well positioned for organizations looking for trustworthy and secure multi-cloud solutions combining private and public clouds, and complying with their operational and strategic requirements.

Since the launch of CompatibleOne in 2010, Prologue has been active in the initial core team of the project. The company has played an essential role in the design of the CompatibleOne Resource Description System (CORDS) model and the development of the Advanced Capabilities for CORDS (ACCORDS) execution platform around an innovative object model, based on over 20 years experience in software engineering.

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