CompatibleOne & ComputeNext

CompatibleOne and ComputeNext develop next-generation cloud services marketplace.


The Federated Cloud Marketplace developed by ComputeNext using the CompatibleOne brokerage platform will help foster a true cloud ecosystem.

CompatibleOne is a new-generation cloud resource management and automatic provisioning software environment powered by service brokering capabilities. CompatibleOne helps deploy cloud applications on any cloud service provider platform to comply with customers' constraints in terms of technology, budget, geography, legal requirements, etc. 

The ComputeNext Federated Cloud Marketplace has been built from the ground up to feature freedom of choice and flexibility. ComputeNext is working on integrating the CompatibleOne CORDS model and the ACCORDS platform with the purpose of enhancing its Federated Cloud Marketplace with CompatibleOne’s capabilities that enable automated cloud resources deployment and cloud services orchestration across different cloud providers.

ComputeNext will also contribute to the extension of the ACCORDS platform with its wide range of cloud service connectors to different platforms and providers. ComputeNext's Federated Cloud Marketplace portal and APIs will allow CompatibleOne’s  consumers to visualize, interact and manage their manifests and workloads, and use ComputeNext’s real-time cloud services  inventory to provision and use cloud services from multiple providers and platforms.

 “CompatibleOne will help us take our Federated Cloud Marketplace to the next level and offer our customers unlimited options to match their workload requirements including latency, location, and SLA, at best possible prices across multiple platforms. CompatibleOne will help position ComputeNext at the center of a true cloud ecosystem.” Sundar Kannan, ComputeNext founder and CEO “

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