CompatibleOne & Cedexis

CompatibleOne and Cedexis join forces to develop comprehensive cloud solution for the hybrid enterprise.


The jointly-developed solution will enable customers to manage their workloads across distributed and heterogeneous clouds including private, public and community platforms.

CompatibleOne is a new-generation cloud resource management and automatic provisioning software environment powered by service brokering capabilities. CompatibleOne helps deploy cloud applications on any cloud service provider platform to comply with customers' constraints in terms of technology, budget, geography, legal requirements, etc.

Cedexis collects and provides information, metrics and insights on cloud service provider abilities and performances (see free country reports), thereby enhancing the CompatibleOne platform with the information necessary to the appropriate placement of consumers' workloads while taking their constraints into account.

Jointly developed by CompatibleOne and Cedexis, the solution will enable customers to distribute their workloads on distributed and heterogeneous clouds including private, public and community platforms. These workloads will be automatically provisioned and deployed across different providers of cloud resources, depending on customers' requirements.

 “Thanks to the load-balancing capacities provided by the mix of the CompatibleOne platform and Cedexis Radar and OpenMix, these workloads will benefit from the best available cloud services in terms of real time end-user performance, availability, security and control” Julien Coulon, Cedexis co-founder and General Manager.

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