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5 5 * We have a [[github >>||rel="__blank"]] to get the code or to contribute.
6 6 * We track bugs in [[OW2 JIRA>>||rel="__blank"]]. If you are have found a problem with CompatibleOne you can check if it is already known to the CompatibleOne developers or report it here.
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8 +The CompatibleOne developer community is open to anyone that wants to contribute! A document named "[[Contributing to CompatibleOne Development>>"||rel="__blank"]]" outlines a set of guidelines that enables contributors, specifically developers, to work effectively and collaboratively on the code-base of the CompatibleOne project. Another document named "[[CompatibleOne Flight Plan>>||rel="__blank"]]" outlines the flight map of development operations expected to be achieved in terms of improvement of the CompatibleOne Accords Platform during the period from 2013 through 2015.
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8 8 Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about the project, if you've had any issues with installing or using CompatibleOne or even just to tell us how great you think CompatibleOne is! You might want to contribute a translation of the CompatibleOne documentation, you may want to contribute to the code and need some help getting started.
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10 10 For any other information, [[contact >>]] us.

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